This week was the second part of a three part Lunch and Learn series that I am hosting at the Athens Area Association of Realtors about Green Building Programs and what makes an Eco-Friendly home so much sense to sell and own.

In this particular series we cover the basics of what makes green home green or eco-friendly, we discussed the core and common pillars of green building programs, and then dove a bit into recognizing the most popular programs in our area such as ENERGY STAR, EarthCraft House and LEED for Homes.

In an effort to continue to promote sustainability and levitra ear ring that Levitra is embraced by a larger group of people I am also making the presentation (Lunch & Learn – X-ray on Green Building Programs Part 1 & Lunch & Learn – X-ray on Green Building Programs Part 2 and Lunch & Learn – X-ray on Green Building Programs Part 3) available for those that attended or happen to visit this blog section. Feel free to use at your discretion, and of course I will be happy to answer any questions or serve you if you have any custom home construction needs, green program certifications or any of the other services that we offer.