The Imery Group & Chastain, Jenkins, & Leathers is thrilled to announce that REALTOR Veronica Imery is certified as the ONLY EarthCraft Real Estate Professional in Athens, GA, providing her with training and knowledge on quality construction and a home’s energy efficiency.

“EarthCraft certifications demonstrate a true commitment to high standards of quality and efficiency” said Tyler Jones, EarthCraft Program Manager.  “We applaud Veronica Imery’s dedication to innovative, sustainable building practices”

EarthCraft projects have met an extensive list of energy-efficient criteria and use resources stipulated to have minimal impact on the environment to provide a homebuyer with a high-quality home that is incredibly efficient. Using a Realtor certified in these practices provides a buyer with an exceptional level of expertise in purchasing a high-quality home. Additionally, sellers can be effectively guided how to make improvements in their own home’s efficiency to give them a cutting edge in today’s increasingly competitive market. With today’s current economic climate, energy savings can make a huge difference for someone when purchasing a home. Having an Earthcraft and GREEN designated Realtor like Veronica Imery will certainly provide buyers and sellers with cost-saving information.

This designation couple with the Imery Group’s expertise in green building definitely makes them the best choice when it comes on building your next eco-friendly home