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I have always suffered from allergies, specially from mold and chemical fumes, when I’m in a moldy space my body right away starts feeling awkward, first sings include, itchy red eyes and dry cough, if the exposure is long enough I might develop a sinus infection and chronic cough that can last for months, very uncomfortable and frequently requires the use of antibiotics. When we decided to invest in a green energy efficient home, we took into consideration the air quality specs offered by our builder The Imery Group. The way our home is sealed, the materials, finishes and state of the art green A/C system has improved noticeable my quality of life. I can come back home and my odorless fresh space speaks by itself, no mold, no breathing problems, no fumes and no itchy eyes. I’m definitely happy.
K.B., Homeowner
Luis and his company have been great. He has went beyond the call of duty to make us happy. He is very attentive and we never have to worry about anything , he will handle it. He keeps our best interest in mind at all times.
A.L., Home Owner
With your certified background in LEED, Earth Craft and Energy Star you are most likely the most knowledgeable on the design and implementation of the area’s more sustainable structures in a College town where there is plenty of those knowledgeable about the related “theories” of sustainability. I have taken my Graduate students to some of your housing projects where you’ve given them critical insights in design and construction. You have also given other University related talks and lectures on energy efficient design and construction. If my memory serves me correctly you’ve also received awards and recognition for your work. Your education in Engineering and graduate degree in Business certainly provides substantial tools as well. On a more personal note you built a solarium and rainwater collection system at my home where I practice what I teach my Graduate Students in Environmental Planning and Design. Beyond it’s educational value I’ve gained considerable energy performance improvements and I intend to daily enjoy it’s great space until they carry me out feet first. I’m presently designing two new improvements and fully intend to employ your energy counsel as well as construction expertise. I’ve likely recommended you to at least a dozen others who are considering upgrading their homes from both the energy and aesthetic perspectives.
John F. (Jack) Crowley, PhD, FAICP, FASLA, Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator, Environmental Planning and Design (MEPD) The College of Environment and Design, University of Georgia
My husband and I were looking forward to retirement. Our plans were to build a house on the family farm near Winder, Georgia and do all the things we never had time or money to do..Then in 2003 he was diagnosed with cancer and died in 2005. I was devastated. Although I knew I needed to be nearer family, the thoughts of trying to build a house alone just did not seem possible. Besides my friends told me that building could be a nightmare and some of my family thought that at my age (73) I should be going to a retirement community. In 2011 I decided that I should think again about building..One day I looked for Earthcraft builders in the Athens area and it was there that I found Luis Imery’s web page.

Our first meeting was in a house that he built in Athens..As I walked through that house with Luis, I could see his pride in what he had done..I recognized his expertise in so many areas that I knew nothing about. He made me feel that all my questions were important and all of concerns had solutions. Our next meeting was at the farm. It was there that I learned that Luis is a really good listener. He patiently listened as I told him of my love of the land and my dream of building a small earth friendly, energy efficient home..On this beautiful spring day I am sitting in that home and I am so grateful to Luis!

I recognized early in the building process that Luis is a very detailed oriented professional who wants everything to be right. I was always impressed by the way he related to the workers and the way they seemed to take pride in what they were doing. The construction site was always clean and neat. The only surprises I had during construction were good the beautiful cedar posts on the porches. I lived in SC during construction and did not get to Georgia very often, but almost everyday Luis would email pictures and progress reports. My home was completed on time and without going over the budget.

My new home is everything I had hoped it would be. Thanks to Luis, building was not a nightmare but a joy. I highly recommend Luis Imery!

Sarah M. Lomax, Home Owner
Luis Imery and his team at the Imery Group did a wonderful job with our kitchen and dining room renovation. They were dependable, responsible, pleasant and respectful. They were excellent at communicating with us about scheduling and were helpful when we had questions or concerns.
They did a quality job and i would most definitely recommend them – in fact, i already have!
R.R., Home Owner / Renovation Client
I have known and worked closely with Luis for the past 6 years on various phases of residential development. Luis has an extensive knowledge of development, budgeting, and end-user expectations. He is always thorough and strives to provide project management excellence. He is very detail oriented and provides great leadership to those working for him.
Mark Mason, Core Studios
We have had nothing but good experiences with Imery and Co. Luis gets the job done right and on time. He also brings us the technical expertise we need to build efficient homes. As a home builder, I could not ask for a better partner.
Jared York, President J.W. York Homes