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These are homes that are built in a way that will reduce the amount of allergens  and dust that penetrate the home providing you and your family a clean and healthier breathable air.

By focusing on clean air, the amount of energy consumed by the home is greatly reduced as our air tight homes require less mechanical heating and cooling equipment to keep a comfortable indoor environment.

Our homes are equipped with a controlled fresh air supply system that takes air from the outdoor, gets  filtered and mixed with the homes interior air keeping it fresh and healthy.

During the construction process we select durable products that will not rot, produce low emission, and are sensible to the environment extending the life of you home, and reducing ongoing maintenance expenses.

After a few years of trial and error, we have now figured out the right recipe to provide design-build services at a very reasonable and competitive price. We will first work with you on conceptual design, then convert does ideas into a preliminary plan that we will use to generate a soft estimate. This exercise will aid in the process of fine tuning the budget and specifications to meet the available resources.

Once we are comfortable with the final numbers of the soft estimate, we will then move to final plan design. Once the architectural plans are completed, we will then design the HVAC system which is an integral part of of high performance home, and if need to complete a full set of structural drawings.

During this process we will engage certain key trades to get feedback on component selections to further value engineer the home if need to.

Once all plans are develop, we will move to our bidding stage. We will send plans and specification to our vendors, suppliers and subcontractors of each trade and division in order to have the best competitive price from qualify tradesman.

Before releasing the purchase orders we will review final budget with home owners, and upon approval start buying down the job and get under construction.

We will handle all necessary permitting and meeting with local issuing authorities as well.

With our experience in construction, knowledge of construction techniques, understanding of building science, and know-how on how homes work as integrated systems, we can build the best home in the market place to fit your budget.

We look for a partnership with our homeowners, from beginning to end,  in order to make the best possible decisions given the available resources to meet your goals both in design and performance.

Yes, we can taylor your home to meet your desired features required under any green building program in the market place .

Early in the process we will review the program’s requirements and optional features that are important to you, and make sure they can be incorporated into the home’s specifications.

As an Imery Group policy, all our homes are third party certified, and meet EarthCraft House standards.

Depending in where the home is build and size, the cost of paying for a green certifications may very from a few hundred dollars to upward of couple of thousand dollars.

Imery Group are always certifies, and we cover a large percentage  of this expense.

Imery Group has a green rating division called Imery Ratings. We have assisted builders and developers of single and  multifamily construction meet the requirements for obtaining green certifications.

We will work with you and your team  as your consultant through out all stages of planning and construction to help you succeed in achieving your goals.

As of today, Imery Ratings has certified over 1,000 dwellings and counting !!!

We want you to feel comfortable with the decisions that you make on perhaps the largest investment of your life.

Although we can provide design-build services, we are delighted to work with your architect of choice, but highly recommend engaging us in the early stages of planning and schematic designs of your home in order to set up the job for success both in terms of budget and performance.

You don’t want to end up with beautiful home on plans that you can not afford to build.

The process initiates by having a phone interview where we will listen to your needs, wants and goals for your future home.

After the phone interview, and if we both feel comfortable on being able to establish a mutually beneficial working relationship, we will come out and meet with you on-site. During the site visit, we will further review your goals, and budget.

At the end of the site visit, we will give you our honest opinion on what to do and how to proceed to achieve the goal of building your dream home.

If you are then still comfortable on working with us, then we will do a follow up meeting with you and your architect to start generating a working documents to keep everyone on track.

We have some preferred lenders that we will always suggest and made available to you. However, you have the ultimate decision on who you want to use.

Our preferred lenders understand the value of high performance homes better.

9 out of 10 jobs are done on a cost plus basis. However, some clients prefer to work with a turnkey price in mind.

We are flexible enough to work any way you want.

Our goal is to make this construction process as stress free as possible.

As a niche player of healthy, durable and efficient home we are always in the process of developing different markets.

We are now well established in the Athens- Atlanta corridor, but will entertain jobs outside this territory as long as they make financial sense for you and us.

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