Project Description

Proud Green Home at Serenbe

Imery Group’s Proud Green Home at Serenbe is a thoughtfully designed, carefully engineered and highly detailed designed to provide a uniquely enjoyable living experience.

The primary goal of this home was to design and build something beautiful, energy efficient and durable within the highly regarded sustainable community of Serenbe. In fact, the home’s energy consumption is near net-zero which means it produces as much energy as it uses with an on-site renewable energy source (in this case, roof top photovoltaic panels).

Before any renewable energy sources were considered, though, and to achieve this level of performance, we designed the home to use less energy.

By focusing on the building envelope, site orientation, lighting, appliances and maintaining efficient layout and volume, we were able to not only accommodate generous living spaces, but also keep the energy consumption to 60% less than that of the same home built to meet the current energy code.

Mid 400’s – 2,800 sf

For more information about this home please read DOE ZERO ENERGY READY HOME™. (pdf)