Project Description

Project Manager for Traditional Neighborhood Development Project in Dacula, GA

Hog Mountain is a traditional neighborhood development project to create a walkable community in Gwinnett County. Our master plan includes a wide variety of home types and prices that appeal to many. The town village will include small, neighborhood sized amenities to serve the immediate area with things like a small gourmet grocer, coffee shop, local restaurant or corner ice cream store along with small office spaces and civic institutions like a church and “neighborhood sized” school. All within walking distance to reduce traffic and save time, improving quality of life. Read more on the why of the project.

After studying the possibility of creating a traditional neighborhood development (TND) for a number of years, the land owners recently received unanimous rezoning approval for the Hog Mountain master plan.

BJM Properties is a group of three local families who own the 66 acre site within a few miles of our homes.  We desire to see our property become a community asset for generations to come.