Project Description

Imery Group Acting as Consultants to the Developer for Community Development Project Bluedress Farm.


We’re on a mission to create something special – a community where families and neighbors can enjoy living, learning, and experiencing life together. Our vision is to create a community that encourages neighborly interactions through the use of the community farm, lake, and wooded area. We’re reviving the family farm and front porch sitting, preserving the woods, and establishing a legacy that will last for generations to come.

Welcome to Bluedress Farm.

After studying the possibility of creating a traditional neighborhood development (TND) for a number of years, the land owners recently received unanimous rezoning approval for the Hog Mountain master plan.

BJM Properties is a group of three local families who own the 66 acre site within a few miles of our homes.  We desire to see our property become a community asset for generations to come.