Imery Ratings and I have recently added a new service for our ever expanding client base by becoming an accredited NGBS Green Verifier. The NGBS or National Green Building Standard is implemented by the Home Innovation Research Labs and is the only Green Building standard approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The Home Innovation Research Labs have more than 5 decades of experience in providing market research, consultant product testing and an accredited third-party certification for issues related to the home building industry. This experience has been utilized in their green building standard that helps builders construct higher-performing / higher quality homes with reduced environmental impacts.

Much like Imery Ratings’ goals in our services to our builder clients, the Home Innovation Research Labs are determined to build a perfect home by administering a thorough builder friendly program that improves the quality, durability, affordability and environmental performance of homes & home building products.(1) Through their years of experience in providing third party product testing and certifications, their innovations have ensured commercial success of green building products and that has been transformed into their green building program.

To them, a green building program is much more than checking boxes on a checklist. With the help of Green Verifiers in the field, the national based program with its long-standing support of a third party tester, an NGBS Green Certified Home can ensure that the home is going to be energy efficient, durable, healthy, comfortable and “green”, as advertised. Imery Ratings and I are proud to be able to be a part of this process.

Through our years working with builders and developers on projects and communities ranging from tiny homes to large multi-story multi-family buildings, we are now proud to add NGBS Green Certified to our existing family of services such as LEED ™, EarthCraft®, Enterprise Green Communities and ENERGY STAR ™

Stay clean & green!

Jeremy Field

Building Science Manager


  • From the NGBS Mission statement on the History & Mission page of their Home Innovation Labs website