This was the topic of a recent LUNCH and LEARN event hosted by the Athens Area Associations of Realtors where I got the chance to explain to a group of agents how can they boost the commission they typicallearn by at least 10% by sellling energy efficient or green homes.  Basically it boils down to being able to increase your buyers purchasing power. How can you do this? Well, conventional loans do not take into  account the monthly savings that are generated by green or eco-friendly homes due to their lower utility bills. If that buyer, were to opt for a Energy Efficient Mortgage EEM , then this savings will be consider additional income, thus increasing the size of the loan that he can qualify for. I would say than on average if you had a buyer already pre-approved for a certain amount, agents can think of showing energy efficient rated homes that might be 10% to 20% more than the pre-approved loan amount. In any event, it is important that you get a “Green Lender” involve early in the process.

By petition of the agents that attended the Lunch & Learn, I am including the presentation” Make More Green by Selling Green ” that I used which contains much more detailed information.