img_5863There are several components that entail the framing of a house, and different techniques for each of the components that can make a big difference in the performance of a house, and the comfort of the families living in it.
The industry have being promoting the implementation of Advanced Framing Techniques, which we incorporate in every home we build.  Advanced Framing Techniques include the use of “California” Corners, Three Studs Corners, Wall Spacing at 24”, Insulated Headers, T Wall Intersection, Single Jack, King Stud and Non Structural Headers in Non-Load Bearing Walls
Today we will talk about California Corners.  California Corners is an advanced framing technique used to improve energy efficiency by replacing lumber with insulation material, reducing thermal bridging and improving the overall R-Value of the exterior wall.
It is an alternative way to frame the corner of a house, this technique leaves a space in the corner so insulation may be applied. In a Traditional Corner, no insulation is applied in the corner and the only thing separating the inside from the outside is a few pieces of wood, as shown bellow.