…I am the qualified EarthCraft™ Technical Advisor with Imery Ratings. Our role is to advise W.H. Gross on how to meet community and multifamily guidelines as well as to improve the existing school buildings by adhering to the EarthCraft™ Adaptive Reuse Priority Criteria. We help guide the design team early in the design process, performing preliminary energy modeling, design reviews and assisting in developing a design that will meet or even exceed the ECMF guidelines. We then work closely with the construction team during the pre-drywall stage, verifying proper air sealing, insulation, and quality installed ductwork, in addition to checking the exterior shell of the building for moisture intrusion and other durability issues. Imery Ratings has helped certify over 1,000 multi-family dwelling units and hundreds of single family homes in Georgia, and has worked on several building rehabs, but this will be our first time working with W.H. Gross.

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