Imery Homes – A Systematic Approach to Zero Energy Home Construction

“When building a high-performance home, it is important to have a systematic approach, and for that it’s important to have a close relationship with a building science specialist. At Imery Group, the builder IS the specialist. In addition to a successful general contracting business, Imery Group is an active energy rater, having performed more than 2,000 home energy ratings under the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) that have been certified by Earthcraft, LEED for Homes, and Enterprise Green Communities. Imery Group is one of the 1% of U.S. builders who have met the requirements of the USDOE’s Zero Energy Ready Home program. Two of their recent homes have reached full zero energy status.”

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About the Author:

Luis Imery is a one-of-kind builder and green rater whose work is honest, educational and inspirational. He carefully takes each homeowner in hand and step-by-step reveals all the great benefits that high performance construction offer — all within your budget.