Luis Imery has completed training provided by Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) relating to construction of buildings that can meet the criteria of PHIUS’ Passive Building of North American climate zones and has passed PHIUS’ examination, becoming the first builder in Georgia with this certification.

Buildings designed, modeled and constructed to meet Passive Building Standards are ultra-efficient and characterized by superior indoor air quality, thermal comfort and durability.

The minimized energy demands of passive houses and buildings reduce building-operating costs permanently, while also mitigating the impact of energy price increases over time. The low power requirements provide resilience during outages and help avoid time-of-use surcharges.

Buildings successfully constructed and quality assured to Passive Building Standards can achieve carbon neutrality with the addition of a small renewable generation system, thereby putting owners and occupants firmly on the path to a carbon-neutral lifestyle.

PHIUS is the leading North American organization conducting research, training and certification relating to passive buildings. PHIUS’ training is the most comprehensive in the industry. Builders who complete PHIUS’ training and pass its rigorous examination are prepared to construct buildings maximizing energy efficiency.

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