According to the EPA, Americans spend 90% or more of their time indoors. For this reason, indoor air quality (IAQ) is something every homeowner must consider for their own health and the health of their family or tenants.

Here in the Southeast, where humidity can easily exceed 80+% during summer months, moisture related problems are atop the list. Mold and dust mites both prosper in high moisture environments and both can cause or exacerbate respiratory and other health problems. Other possible sources of diminishing air quality are airborne pollutants and particulates. People and pets are both liable to bring particulates into your home and reduce the IAQ.

Here are a few tips to help ensure that the air you breathe at home is top notch:

  1. In order to prevent moisture build up be sure to have a dehumidifier installed and operating, especially during those hot and humid summer months
  2. Exhaust fans are a must for every bathroom and can be improved upon by adding a humidistat controller to automatically activate them at a specified humidity level
  3. Have a tight, comprehensive air barrier installed on the exterior of the house to keep out particulates and moist air
  4. Add a fresh air intake to your HVAC system in order to ensure a regulated amount of outside air is cycled through your home
  5. Door mats at every exterior doorway of a home is a good way to keep particulates from being tracked in by your shoes
  6. Regularly wash and comb pets, especially in dusty regions
  7. Upgrade your HVAC air filter to a larger format HEPA/ULPA filter
  8. Regularly change your HVAC filter and have scheduled maintenance performed to ensure the system is running properly