All Builders!!! The Georgia Power Earthcents New Home program for builders, on which the Imery Group is fully committed, is getting better.

Currently, the program uses a rebate program persuade home builders to install Electric Heat Pumps and Heat Pump or solar hot water heaters. That is nothing new, the program has been pushing the install of all electric Heat pumps for a couple years but now they are pushing the HERS program.

I predict that 2014 will be the tipping point for the HERS program. RESNET has made power moves in 2013 to help push HERS into national prominence. Some of the largest home builders in the country have started to offer HERS rated homes. It really is only a matter of time until all builders will need to build HERS rated homes to stay competitive.

So, here is where the GA power rebates program gets a little sweeter. In 2014, builders that elect to build a HERS rated home that has an index of 77 or below will receive a $600 rebate. But wait there is more! In addition to the $600 rebate, the builder will receive $25 for every point lower than 77.

So, at the end of a project if a builder elects to add a heat pump, a solar hot water heater, and builds a home to a HERS index of 60, they will be able to claim $1275. This would more than help offset the upfront costs of the HERS rating and partially cover the heat pump. Now, I know many builders are focused on the short term financials and I don’t blame them everyone has to make a living. But what I know is that for your business to be really successful it all depends on making everyone of your customers happy.

That is why building a HERS rated home is important. HERS rated homes are built to perform well for the life of the mortgage. Imery Group is an approved EarthCents New Home contractor and/or rater for this great Georgia Power Energy Efficient Program.