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You have one opportunity to get it right — when your home is under construction.

Founded in 2009 in Athens, Georgia, Imery Homes specializes in both the design and the construction of healthy, durable and energy efficient custom homes.

High Performance Home Design

Imery Homes is committed to building high performance homes that are many years ahead of code built homes. We go beyond standard code requirements to build homes that will be compliant far into the future.

Energy and water efficiency, indoor air quality and your comfort are essential elements of each home we design and construct.

Each of our homes is certified using one of several sustainable certification programs. As part of this certification, we utilize highly trained 3rd party inspectors to verify each of the sustainable features of our homes.

Our award-winning design aesthetics combined with the latest innovations in green building create home environments that are healthy, durable and efficient for you.

Custom Homes for Most Any Budget

Tell us your budget, and we will deliver the most healthy, durable and efficient home that you can afford.

Our specialty is listening to your needs, and understanding what is important to you and your family.

With our expertise in building science and design, we build your dream home.

No other builder in Georgia has the skills to leverage cost and performance like Imery Group.

Be Good to the Environment

Sustainable has become a way to describe what are often exciting and creative houses built to be environmentally responsible and resource-efficient.

Impacting more than your home itself, green, sustainable building promotes the use of local products and materials that help stimulate local businesses and a diverse economy.

Materials like engineered wood products or recycled-content products that use materials that would otherwise be hauled to landfills reduce the cost and impact of producing products from virgin materials.

Recycling is of utmost importance for a healthy environment, therefore we recycle more than 75% of our waste during the building process.

Informing and educating you along the way about the value of green building is just the begining of our commiment to greening your home and our community.

Higher Durability and Less Maintenance

Current building codes establish minimum construction standards that protect your safety — Green building supplements building codes by using premium materials that are more durable and construction practices that often exceed building code requirements.

Together, these qualities enhance your home’s performance and reduce maintenance and replacement costs, thereby raising its overall value.

Some of the key techniques we used include:

  • Non-Rot Exterior Material Through Out
  • Vented Rain Screens Behind Cladding/ Siding
  • Energy Star Windows and Doors
  • ENERGY STAR 30 year Architectural Shingles or Metal Roofing
  • Controlled Indoor Moisture
  • Encapsulated Crawlspaces

Healthier Living; Comfortable Living

Most people who are looking to build a home or even buy a new home do not realize the amount of toxicity that normal everyday building products contain.

To create a healthier home we use many less toxic and non-toxic building materials and techniques that contribute to a healthier future for you.

Some of the key technologies used include:

  • state-of-the-art water and air filtration and purification
  • non-toxic insulation and paint materials
  • proper air sealing techniques
  • excellent ventilation system

Energy Efficiency Means Financial Savings

All Imery Homes follows energy efficient building practices and utilize the latest energy efficient technology in a smart and affordable way to build stronger, healthier, green homes.

Our homes have much better HERS ratings than most local, regional and national home builders who only meet the efficiency requirements for code built homes.

Our resource-efficient homes range from net zero (total energy used annually is equal to the amount of renewable energy created by the home) to maintenance-free (one that it uses as little energy as possible).

Tell us your budget, and we will deliver the most healthy, durable and efficient home that you can afford.

What to Expect

Beginning with an on-site home consultation, we want to get to know you, your tastes and style, your plans for now and the future, and your projected investment for building your new home.

From concept design to proposal, we put together a detailed scope of work outline that reflects your vision and all aspects of the project including materials, timeframe and costs.

During pre-construction, we carefully review material selection, logistics and schedule and obtain  permits required before groundbreaking to assure a smooth start to your project.

Communication is the hallmark of our construction phase, when you will be kept informed every step of the way. Finally, walk-through day arrives, but we don’t leave  you there. Imery Homes returns in 3 months to follow up on your new home and correct any issues or answer any questions.

Our Guarantee

Imery Group offers several guarantee and warranties for new Imery Homes.

 Liberty Mutual Warranty

Imery Group warrants the home against specified defects in workmanship and materials that are the result of non-conformity with Quality Builders Warranty (QBW)  standards, as well as any major structural defects as defined in the warranty.

Imery Home’s Performace & Standard Warranty

Under Imery Home’s Performance & Standard Warranty, we offer our own 3 year Comfort and 5 Year Energy Guarantee.

We also schedule 3 visits during the first year of home ownership; one every 4 months.  These visits are designed to ensure that the house is still performing as expected, to address any warranty related concerns, and to make corrections as necessary. (These visits are NOT to do maintenance on your home for you.)

Read more about our New Home Warranties »


Imery Homes is committed to building high performance homes that are healthy, durable and efficient.

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