Now that municipalities across the nation , including our very own Decatur, GA are opting to use green building programs, or high performance standards such as HERS Ratings as their minimum construction standard, I thought appropriate to bring back an old blog on the subject on LEED FOR HOMES, EARTHCRAFT HOUSE AND ENERGY STAR HOMES. It does get confusing for consumer to determine which is the best path. In general, they are all good but as with anything they all have their strengths and weaknesses . The good news is they all have the same goal: Providing a Healthy, Durable and Efficient Home.

Under our Design-Build or Custom Home division, we decided to use EarthCraft House as our minimum standard. We found that among the programs in our region this one is the most cost effective in terms of hard construction cost and third party verifications. In fact, these “upgrades” are absorb by us and not our clients. So how can we do this, and still be competitive? Well, for the third party verification we cover these expenses by utilizing the utility’s programs energy rebates. As for the “upgrades” I have found that once my clients understand the benefits of a durable, healthy and efficient home, then it becomes a question of  ”how can I not afford it”.

So for fellow builders out there, stay strong and trust that these programs are their to assist you and your client on building a better home. For home owners, do your home work and interview your builders very well. Buying a house is one of your largest investment in your life, so take the time for your due diligence and then when you find the ideal builder, enjoy the ride…

Last, for anyone whether  a builder, home owner you are all welcome to come by to any of my Healthy, Durable and Efficient Homes currently under construction in Atlanta and Athens area