Coming to Atlanta and Athens, GA!! – Atlanta Design Festival

This June 4 & 10-11, modern homes will be open for tour in the Atlanta and Athens area through the Atlanta Design Festival and one of our own modern custom homes will be available for tour.  This home is not only beautiful, but it was built in away that delivers maximum comfort, healthy living and energy efficiency.

Imery Group has been building homes in the Athens-Atlanta market for several years, and it’s an honored that MA considered one of our project worthy of showcasing. All our modern homes are located in the Atlanta, GA but if you are into contemporary design, and in Athens, our team will be happy to assist you.

This is the ninth successful year, Atlanta Festival of Design — MA! Architecture Tour, Design Economy Expo, and events and talks, will be taking place in June and is the Southeast’s highly regarded activity exclusively about promoting bold contemporary and international design.

You can get your tickets at

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Luis Imery is a one-of-kind builder and green rater whose work is honest, educational and inspirational. He carefully takes each homeowner in hand and step-by-step reveals all the great benefits that high performance construction offer — all within your budget.
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