There’s been radio silence on what is happening with the new code for reasons we won’t bore you with, but here are the major changes to new Georgia Energy Code that becomes effective January 1, 2020:

1)      All one & two family homes must achieve 5 ACH50 (current is 7 ACH50) infiltration

  1. This means you MUST install a mechanical ventilation system that meets an ASHRAE Standard. That’s right. ALL HOMES will now require mechanical ventilation!
  2. The delay to 2020 is to help train and prepare for this major change

2)      ALL multi-family dwellings will now need to be tested and achieve 7 ACH50 – you will no longer be allowed the visual inspection option

3)      Ducts outside condition space must achieve 6 CFM25 / 100 sf (or 6%) TOTAL leakage (current is 12%) – start working now with your HVAC Contractors to ensure they can meet this.

4)      ALL vented attics will require R-38 (current is R-30)

5)      Window values are as follows per Climate Zone

  1. CZ 2 = 0.40 U-Value / 0.25 SHGC
  2. CZ 3 = 0.35 U-Value / 0.25 SHGC
  3. CZ 4 = 0.35 U-Value / 0.40 SHGC

This still needs final approval by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.

We’ve been tabulating our client’s testing numbers and while the new ACH50 is achievable, the total leakage will take some work.  If we’ve been performing your testing and you would like to know where you stand, please let us know and we’d be happy to send you the results.