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New home construction, renovations and energy ratings.

Specializing in High Performance Construction & Ratings from Athens to Atlanta.

Luis Imery is a one-of-kind builder and green rater whose work is honest, educational and inspirational. He carefully takes each homeowner in hand and, step-by-step, he reveals all the great benefits that high performance construction offers — all within your budget.

We understand how homes and building work

and we believe in our Mission Statement

The Imery Group’s mission is to develop land and living spaces in a way that creates economic, ecological, and social value to all stakeholders.

Economic value is created when a project is profitable for its shareholders and creates financial opportunities for others in the community.

Ecological value is created and protected with the utilization of construction techniques and materials that reduce impact on existing ecosystems.

Social value is created by educating others – and future generations – on the benefits of sustainable living.

Imery Homes is among the 1% of builders in the Nation

that can demonstrate a higher level of excellence with DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes
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